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Lost In サービスサイト



Chiikys社のインバウンド向けの体験マッチングサービス「Lost In」に設計/デザインとして携わりました。日本を訪れる外国人観光客と彼らにリアルな日本の体験を提供するホストとの出会いの場となるWebサービスです。

旅行者自身が異国の地で「Lost In=夢中に」なりながら自分自身を発見する、というコンセプトワーク、フランス人タイポグラファーClaire Coullonとの協業によるロゴ制作、写真を最大限に活かし日本を強く想起させる画面デザインによってサービスのアイデンティティを総合的に形づくりました。


A.C.O. partnered with Chiikys Inc. in the design of Lost In — a web service matching local Japanese hosts with tourists looking to experience authentic tours and activities.

We created a new identity for the service, based on the concept of finding yourself through becoming lost in a foreign land. This led to the new name “Lost In”. We worked with French typographer Claire Coullon on a hand drawn logo, and created a visual identity using Japan-inspired colour and typography, and strong travel photography.

We prototyped several UX flows for the website, and created a UI providing a smooth, clear experience across both PC and mobile. In addition to the tourist website, we also designed a CMS for the host to use when creating and editing their activities, and designed tools to help communication between Japanese hosts and non-Japanese toursits.


Art Direction, Coding, Copy Writing, Creative Direction, Design, Information Architecture, Planning, Produce, Project Management